There is a lot to know about the Power Source Industry. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to make it simple and pain free. Explore our library of whitepapers to gain a better understanding of the industry.

Using AC Sources for Compliance Testing

Read how using an AC Power Source will help you meet compliance testing standards.

Applicable models: VariPLUS, 5005, 6005, LS, 7000, 300XAC

Two Major Advantages that Simplify Functional Testing: Meet the 400XAC

This application note will cover the advantages the 400XAC series and how this series provides multiple functional testing capabilities and simplifies testing.

Applicable model: 400XAC

Exploring the Benefits of Advanced AC Power Source Technology

Discover the benefits of adding an AC Power Source to your production line- reducing set up time and creating a safer work environment.

Applicable model: 300XAC

How to Get More out of an AC Power Source: Using Over Current Foldback Technology to Deal with High Inrush Current

Learn what Over Current Foldback is and how Power Sources will help with dealing with High Inrush Current.

Applicable model: 300XAC

To Float or Not Float? Analysis of a Floating vs. Grounded Output

Gain a better understanding of low and high reference points of voltage and the importance of grounding electrical circuits.

Applicable model: 6020

Total Harmonic Distortion and Effects in Electrical Power Systems

Learn what total harmonic distortion is and the effects it has on electrical equipment.

Applicable models: 300XAC, 6000, 5000, LS, VariPLUS®

Power Factor vs. Crest Factor

Read about the two critical qualities and the different ways they impact the capability of working with AC Power Sources.

Applicable model: 6020

Power Factor Correction

In this application note you’ll learn what power factor correction is and how to reduce harmonic distortion and increase efficiency with power factor correction.

Applicable models: 8500, 400XAC

True Power vs. Apparent Power

Understand the difference between true power and apparent power as we break down the various aspects of what power is.

Applicable model: 6010

Understanding the Difference between Resolution and Accuracy Description

Read how AC Power Sources use their own sensing tools to measure information and distinguish the difference between resolution and accuracy.

Applicable models: 8500, 400XAC

LabVIEW Coding Guide

View our LabVIEW coding guide as it shows an example of how to set some basic parameters on a Power Source.

Applicable models: 8500, 400XAC