Appliance manufacturers rely on EEC to optimize their production lines to comply with IEC/UL 60335-1 Household Electrical Appliances and UL45A Portable Electrical Appliances standards.

Complete Solution

Manufacturers of appliances should perform functional tests along with Hipot, Ground Bond and Leakage Current tests on their products. For your production line we recommend our 8500 Series and Associated Research OMNIA® II (8256 or 8257) paired with our WithStand® software.

Introductory Solution

If your production line is limited on volume, or is perfomred on a bench top, we recommend our 8500 Series and SCI 446. When combined, these testers allow you to achieve basic best practices for safety and efficiency without the need for an elaborate test system.

Pair with our PowerTRAC™ Software you are able to program and run your power source remotely via PC. Easily gather data and analyze test results like never before.