2000VA, output voltage up to 310VAC, output frequency ranging from 5-1200Hz, CE listed

The 8520 provides 1Ø AC power and comes with unique features at a competitive price. Standard mode adds the ability to remotely control and program the power source. Advanced mode adds the benefits of a sweep of voltage, frequencies, transients, and DC bias over the course of a single sequence or several different tests.

Safety Features: Safety Interlock, PLC Remote
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty
Dimensions (W x H x D): 16.92" x 3.46" x 19.96" (430 x 88 x 500 mm)
Weight: 33lbs (15KG)


NOTE: to communicate with the source remotely you must purchase Standard or Advanced Mode. In MANAUL mode the source can only be used via the front panel or PLC.

High power density with reduced overall footprint.

14 pre-configured waveforms.

Output voltage up-to 310VAC and output frequency from 5 – 1200 Hz.

Models 8505 8512 8520 8530 8540 8560
Power Output 500 VA 1250 VA 2000 VA 3000 VA 4000 VA 6000 VA
Voltage Output 0 – 310 VAC 0 – 310 VAC 0 – 310 VAC 0 – 310 VAC 0 – 310 VAC 0 – 310 VAC
Max Current 5A @100V / 2.5A @ 200V 12.5A @ 100V / 6.25A @ 200V 20A @ 100V / 10A @ 200V 30A @ 100V / 15A @ 200V 40A @ 100V / 20A @ 200V 60A @ 100V / 30A @ 200V
Frequency 5 – 1200 Hz 5 – 1200 Hz 5 – 1200 Hz 5 – 1200 Hz 5 – 1200 Hz 5 – 1200 Hz
Phase 1Ø2W 1Ø2W 1Ø2W 1Ø2W 1Ø2W 1Ø2W

Interlock Disable Key

USB Cable

Shorting bar

Input/output Terminal Protection Box

Rack Mount (2U) x 2

Handle for Rack (2U) x 2

Input Manual Mode Standard Mode Advanced Mode
Manual Operation
PC Interface (USB/LAN standard, optional GPIB)  
PowerTRAC Compatibility  
Voltage, Frequency, Transient, and DC Bias Sweeps    

Enhance Your Power Source


AC Power Source Control and Data Capture Software

Program and run your power source remotely via PC. Easily gather data and analyze test results like never before.

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Applications Consulting

Digital, On-Site and Validation Consulting Options

With Applications consulting we can help you ensure your company is meeting industry standard testing requirements while minimizing risks for your employees in the lab and on the production line. Our applications engineers will help you in your electrical safety testing. With our customized approach, we’ll ensure that your safe workstation conforms to OSHA requirements, educate your operators and work with you to validate your test system.

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