AC Power Source Control and Data Capture Software

Program and run your power source remotely via PC. Easily gather data and analyze test results like never before.


Quickly export your test results to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Create unique test sequences complete with test memories and steps that fit your application requirements.

Gradually increase your voltage over multiple steps to simulate both low and high voltage conditions.

Change voltage and frequency settings on-the-fly while the Power Source is outputting.

Simulate worst-case scenarios like brownouts and transient voltages.

Control your AC Power Source from any location.

Program your sequences once with PowerTRAC and download to power sources quickly and efficiently.

Watch output and review measurements while testing.

Visually see what your output and transient look like.

Model Compatible with PowerTRAC
8500 Series Yes
400XAC Yes
300XAC* Yes
7000 Series* Yes
6000 Series* Yes
5000 Series No


* Power Source has been discontinued.

CPU requirements: PC with a minimum Pentium processor recommended

Operating system requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10

Microsoft Office Excel (Optional when using the export report functionality)

Minimum 256 MB of RAM (512 MB recommended)

Minimum 620 MB of free HDD space

Microsoft mouse and keyboard

PC Interface: GPIB, RS-232, USB type 2.0 type A

AC power source interface: USB/RS-232 interface (standard)

Connection cable: USB type B connection cable (standard)