We believe in our power sources and offer services you can’t find elsewhere. Below you will find information you need to have your power source functioning like new.

We guarantee repair for all power sources that are in production, as well as power sources discontinued for less than 5 years. Our ability to repair discontinued power sources greater than 5 years is dependent upon parts availability.

All repairs include a standard calibration. If an ISO Calibration is required, then $300 will be added to the cost of the repair. We’ll repair your power source within 5 business days of receiving it, or we’ll pay the freight.

Flat Rate Prices

Our goal is to simplify the repair process. We’ve removed the estimation process and promise to fix your power source under our Flat Rate Repair policy.

104, 105, 310XAC, 5005, 5010, 6005, 6010, 7004, 7008 $510.00
8505 $610.00
320XAC, 5020, 6020, 7016, LS500, LS1000, 8512, 8520 $920.00
340XAC, 360XAC, 430XAC, 460XAC, 5040, 6040, 7040, 8530, 8540, 8560 $2,550.00

Note: We cannot support, calibrate, or repair instruments discontinued greater than 10 years.

Any power source we receive that is physically damaged or grossly misused will be charged an additional $200.00 to the flat rate repair price, as long as that power source is deemed repairable.