Manufacturers in the Aerospace Industry rely on EEC to generate worldwide voltages and frequencies for their products. We can help you find the right solution to ensure you are performing compliance and production testing as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Complete Solution

To meet the requirements of the aerospace industry, we recommend performing functional and power consumption tests on your products. For a complete test solution we recommend our EEC 8500 series, Associated Research HypotULTRA® 7850 and our WithStand® Software.

If you need hands-on help, we offer customizable on-site training with our Application Engineers to help you and your team overcome pain points in your operation, ensure your workstation conforms to OSHA specifications and improve efficiency and productivity.

Introductory Solution

If your production line is limited on volume, or is performed on a bench top, we recommend our 8500 Series for single-phase products paired with our PowerTRAC™ software. With PowerTRAC you are able to program and run your power source remotely via PC. Easily gather data and analyze test results like never before.

Educational Resources

At EEC, we understand that there is a lot to know when it comes to the complexities of the Power Source industry. Here are some educational materials that may help you with your testing.

Use of an Isolation Transformer While Performing Leakage Current or Functional Run Tests >